Workshops Offered

  1. Visual Art & Story-telling: A fairy-tale is enacted by using various media. Using Colors, Clay, or even costumes. At the end of the class your child has a good understanding of Visual Art & Story-telling when they bring home their very own art of a fairy-tale story.
  2. Clay Art and Set Design: Have you wondered how a movie background is made? We expose your kids a basic in Set Design while placing the characters they create in the real-life scene. This session covers basics in character design and scene creation.
  3. Cartooning: We all love comics and cartoon characters. Here we cover cartooning of your pets. From this your kid can experiment on cartooning anything a person, tree or scenery just as in Disney Movies.
  4. Has your child struggled in Science or Geography drawings? Not anymore! Here while discovering Nature they get to love drawing to study. And learn more while drawing.

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